Monday, May 02, 2005

Selling A Vowell

I'm bummed I missed Sarah Vowell at the Elliot Bay Book Company last week. Her acerbic wit, coupled with her voice make for great reading and seeing her live at Bumbershoot with Dave Eggers was a memorable pee-in-your-pants experience.

I rented The Incredibles over the weekend and the bonus disc contains an essay from Vowell who plays Violet in the movie. I thought it was a clever cross promotion for her because she somehow managed to tie her experiences of playing a superhero teenage daughter to her latest book Assasination Vacation. I'll have to remember that little marketing tip for when I star in a film and the DVD release coincides with my book hitting the stands.

In any event, I haven't picked up Assasination Vacation yet, but the historical aspect has got me looking forward to reading it soon.

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