Saturday, April 30, 2005

Jetset Na and His Single Mom

As of today, I'm a single mom for two weeks. Mr. Na's Pa hopped on a plane this morning to go "home" (where he grew up...somewhere in some flyover state), so he could be with his family. His father is having his cancerous bladder removed on Monday. Yuck. Then, after next week, he's off to one of my favorite west coast cities, where the temperature stays 67 degrees all year round (lucky stiff). Thankfully, he'll be home in time for my birthday!

All in all, it's not so bad being spouseless for awhile. I get to see movies hubby won't and I get to spend my evenings catching up on my reading and writing (or more like editing, as the case may be). If anything, I feel worse for him for having to go to the midwest and deal with all that; and moreso for his Dad who is losing a major organ. I don't know what I'd do without my bladder. Sure, it's been a pain in the ass a lot of the time, but I wouldn't go so far as getting rid of it. I'm hoping I'll never have to.

Today, I took Mr. Na to his soccer practice (er, as much as 2-3 year-olds practice soccer) and then we went to the Museum of Flight where we got to board The Concorde. I've always been fascinated by it and I'm pretty sad Mr. Na will never see one in the air. I was around 8 or 9 the first time I saw one in flight, which had to have been around 1976 or '77. Traffic practically went to a dead stop on the Long Island Expressway when one was either taking off or landing out of Kennedy on a muggy summer afternoon. The sonic boom sounded as if the sky cracked wide open.

I'll admit, seeing the inside of the Concorde it's not as impressive as I had imagined. The seats are not much roomier than a coach seat on a 747; but I suppose when the elite absolutely, positively HAD to get across the Atlantic Ocean in half the time for some really super-huge emergency (or, in the case of Phil Collins, who had to be at the Philly Live Aid four hours after playing the Wembledon Live Aid), paying $10k for a seat was worth it.

Hmm... I guess.

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Lookit the nose on that thing!
p.s. yes, Mary, he's wearing the Ramones shirt you sent!


Anonymous said...

First, isn't the LIE always at a stand still?
I won't call you a M.I.L.F if you don't call my state a "fly-over"!
As if I would check to see if Peter is wearing a gift I sent!!!
Rock, rock, rock, rock, rock~n~ roll preschool!!

LeFemmeMonkita said...

"First, isn't the LIE always at a stand still?"

Must you cut into my creative license? Sheesh. Some people take all the fun out of writing a blog! :-)

Would you REALLY call me a MILF? I mean, REALLY?