Thursday, May 05, 2011

God, I hope the roof doesn't collapse

It's not as though our roof has been leaking--with exception of the one tiny patch job we had to do on it a few years back. But since we've lived in our house for 14 years, and we truly have no idea exactly how old the roof is, and the edges of the roof are beginning to bend downward like soggy cardboard, I'm guessing it won't be long before we'll need to replace it.

I'll tell you, though, I dunno how I'm going to make-do without all of those patches of moss that have spread all over the pitches and valleys like hairy moles on an old lady. Every morning, my daughter peeks her head out of the little six-pane window we have in the upstairs hallway so she can say "hi" to the turtle-shaped moss. I think she's even named it.

Normally, we'd be all over getting quotes and ramping up to have the roof done during the summer, when it'll be drier, but this year is a little different than most because we've decided to start our own company. So--both the Mr. and I are barely bringing in any income right now, which is--understandably--terrifying, yet somehow I feel like things will resolve themselves soon enough. Like, I should be more freaked out--but I'm not. I dunno. Maybe I'm delusional. We'll see, I guess.

I'll, uh, talk more about the new biz sometime soon. Right now, though, we're keeping as much as we can under wraps. Meantime, let's hope the roof stays over our heads.