Wednesday, February 18, 2004

I'm not going to beat myself up too much...but I've been home for over three weeks and haven't written a frigging thing. It's starting to eat at me and I'm turning into a royal bitch right now. Writing to me is like fixing, I guess...though I dunno, I've never been a junkie. I have been a smoker, so I'll say writing is like smoking. I crave writing. If I don't write in awhile, I start getting really cranky. And today was no exception. I MEANT to sit down and work on my manuscript but I have this little problem see...I am easily distracted. Today's distraction was iTunes. I downloaded the iTunes Software onto my laptop and for some odd reason, it couldn't see my Internet connection. So I tried my PC downstairs and Voila! I had a connection. So I bought three songs: Hey Ya! By Outkast; Crazy in Love by Beyonce; and some other song...I can't remember. But it was one of those purchases driven by having watched the Grammys...I typically don't like "pop"---but these songs are catchy enough to load on to my MP3 Player for running. after I paid the $3.00 for the three songs, I went back upstairs to try and listen to them on my laptop (shared network). No such luck. Then, I went back downstairs with my USB cables and my PhatBox and my Nike Player and tried to download the songs from the PC. Guess what? The only way one can "enjoy" these songs is by either a) listening to them on the PC or b) burning a CD! ACK!

So I learned something new about me...well, maybe not "new" but I rediscovered it...I have entirely way too much technology at my fingertips and I don't know the first thing about it. Oh and something else, too...I'm easily distracted...and speaking of, it's time to wake Peter up from his nap...

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