Thursday, February 19, 2004

Hillary sent me a link today for an upcoming 5k and I wanted to post it here in case anyone else was thinking of joining us this Sunday:

Check out this 5K- at Greenlake on Sunday Feb. 22nd. Cheap ($15-$20)
and worth a good cause!! Don't let hte BUSH administration take away our
rights! register at !

Pro-Choice 5K Walk/Run
Sunday, February 22, 2004
Green Lake Foot Path
Meet Up Location: The Bath House Theater
10:00 am - Sign in and Late Registration
- Turn in Pledges
- Check in with Registration volunteers
- T-Shirt Pick-Up
- Pre Walk/Run Rally

11:00 am - Walk/Run Begins
Why Participate

On April 25, millions of pro-choice Americans will take part in one of
the most significant demonstrations in history. We will speak out with one
voice to show that we will save freedom of choice the same way it was won:
one person, one city and one state at a time.

Here in Washington State, NARAL Pro-Choice Washington , Planned
Parenthood of Western Washington and many other pro-choice organizations are
working together to make the Washington state delegation to the March a
success. Weare working to inspire activists, motivate members and raise money for
travel stipends. Your participation in "Run for Your Rights" helps us
accomplish these goals!

Of course I haven't participated in a running race my August 29 entry and you'll get the ugly story about that race!!! But hey...even if I run like a tortoise, I'll still be defending Pro-Choice.

I can remember back in eighth grade (Catholic School) when we were ushered in to the gym for some sort of assembly in the middle of the day. It was the entire seventh and eighth grade class and what it boiled down to was our dear, sweet Principal, Sister Alice (the biggest, hairiest beast in the world...I hope she's rotting in hell right now) made us promise to God (and her) that we would never consider abortion. We were lectured about how horrible abortion was and that it should never be considered a choice. It's no wonder why I've wanted to convert to Judaism ever since. This was the same wench who---in that same year---dragged me out of the Girls' bathroom by my Peter Pan collar the split second after I realized I had just started menstruating. She did it because during yet another student body assembly (this time all grades), she warned us not to go back to the restrooms or wander out of the gym during the "Interactive" portion of the event. Well...I turned to my friend Tracy and asked her to come with me...and so off we went to the Girls' bathroom...innocently enough...and completely forgetting Sister Alice's warning. I had just announced the news to Tracy when the door blew open and Sister Alice banged on our stall doors shouting at us to get out.

We were dragged out of the bathroom, which was located at the back of the gym and to me it seemed like all 260 pairs of eyes were staring at me, knowing full well what had just happened. I was mortified. Of course, when Sister Alice found out why I had gone to the bathroom, a playful, Grinch-like smirk spread across her face...not only was I a sinner for breaking the rules, I was now cursed with Menses...a curse that I'd have for the next 22 years, ironically, without the ability to conceive a child.

Regardless of how hard it's been for me to have a child, I still think a woman should have a right to choose and no one should have it taken from them.

I'm so tired of this fucking moral and religious agenda from our Government and I really hope our new Administration in 2005 puts an end to it.

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