Saturday, January 22, 2005

I should have been a boy

It dawned on me today, as I was reading about the Allied air attacks over Germany during WWII, that I should have been born a boy. Girls don't like history--especially World War II history. It's icky. It's boring. It, like, happened so long ago.

I love it. I can't get enough of it. I mean, there's just something so cool about studying that time period. There are still so many lessons to be learned from everything that went down--yet our world leaders choose to ignore it.

I'm one of those weird women who enjoys watching the History channel. Yesterday, I got so completely psyched when I was channel surfing DirectTV and learned that we now have The Military Channel. Cool! Now I'm hoping they'll have a European Theatre Marathon!!!

Keep in mind, I'm not a patriotic war buff or anything like that. I think my love for learning about WWII reaches far deeper than singing about the Halls of Montezuma. It's more about figuring out how some psychopath brought all of Europe to its knees and managed to bring the world to battle. And how the entire world turned a blind eye to the extermination of 11 million people.

I always say that if I ever decide to go back and get my Masters it'll probably be in history...or nutrition! But for the sake of this discussion, I'd love to be an historian!! Maybe I can be both---an historian who eats well!


Anonymous said...

Monkita -
To understand such horror may mean trying to gain perspective on the horror itself from various (repeated) occurances. Samantha Power is a renown writer of history/current events, specifically genocide. You may even have heard her on NPR. Her Pulitzer Prize/National Book Critics Circle Award winning book - A Problem From Hell, America and the Age of Genocide looks at not only the Holocaust, but also Kosovo, Bosnia, Cambodia, and other atrocities. She is brilliant and passionate (She teaches human rights and U. S. foreign policy at Harvard), and a leader in her field. But as a woman, who followed her instinctive interests, she might set off something within you. Or not. This might just be a great read, where you sit back and say, "Shit. A chick did all this." Many hugs. Suzanne.

Anonymous said...

Forgot -
Harvard offers summer classes. Maybe you can take a class with her, one day. Hmmmm.